Monday, 17 February 2014

What's in a name?

Last week I queried the title of this blog, which was established yonks ago when I thought I would link it with my website
I had also started writing under the title Whitstable Natives about the Kent coastal town where I live AND launched a column called Middle Aged Dread. However, with everything else I do plus general indolence I'm wondering if this is unrealistic and that I should perhaps focus on just one outlet for writing, so there might be some chance of keeping it up.
The issue then, of course, is what to call a blog which encompasses thoughts about my home town, my handicraft business, and also the fascinating and dynamic status of middle age.
I had one of those moments lying in the dark one night when all sorts of weird visions and odd phrases waft across the mind, and out of the surreal murkiness came a flash of what MIGHT be inspiration:

Purls of Wisdom

This I think evokes the iconic Whitstable oyster (called a Native, hence my earlier title) WITH the knitting theme.... I think?? And perhaps includes an ironic nod to the flawed idea of wise old heads?

I'll give it a go - if it's possible to change the name of a blog easily. If not I'm doomed forever to be 'Just a Knitter' and I hope you'll bear with me if I go off topic sometimes.

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